Big Announcement! Weekly Organic Produce Shares! Sign Up Today!

Eat local. Eat seasonal. Eat sustainable. Here at the homestead we love our food fresh, local and straight from the farm. In the past we have participated in a Community Supported Agriculture program, but it was cost prohibitive for us this year because traditional CSAs require prepayment in full. So, in the spirit of being … More Big Announcement! Weekly Organic Produce Shares! Sign Up Today!

The Year Before

Way back when Summer was born, I didn’t know we were homeschoolers. I did know that when 3 years of age came around, I didn’t plan to sign her up for traditional preschool. “She has her whole life to sit in school.” I remember thinking. “The first five years, we are just going to have … More The Year Before

Fall into Autumn

Summer is winding down over here at the homestead. We had quite the productive growing season. Gardening. Home improvement projects. Vacations. All the good stuff. Its sorta starting to feel like home. We even got a couple things planted in front of the house. Those red flowers and the hummingbirds they gather are my favorite … More Fall into Autumn