A First Mow and Custom Foot Protection

We bought our little house this January. It was a cold and snowy winter. Naturally, the first item on hubby’s to do list was to buy a lawn mower. So off we go to the home improvement store, straight from closing! We didn’t buy the mower on that trip, but we picked it out. It is a zero turn John Deer that made Sam’s heart beat just a bit faster. It just so happened that a used one was on sale, it being January and all. Over a couple of trips we negotiated and got ourselves a really great deal. Almost half off. And free delivery because we also bought a dishwasher. Go us.

The big news is that we broke it out this weekend!

Downloaded May 2014 152

Broke it being almost literal.

Downloaded May 2014 154

We got it figured out and all was well.

Downloaded May 2014 201

Well, other than the jealous glances from the neighbor. Classic lawn-mower envy.

Downloaded May 2014 186

Just kidding. He’s cool.

Now my turn!

Downloaded May 2014 214

I’ve got mad zero turning skills. Which really means lots of turning. Confusing term, right?

Downloaded May 2014 210

Also, Cooper kind of freaked out.

Downloaded May 2014 166

His Very Important Job was making sure we knew that this was a Dangerous Machine. He protected us the whole time by barking at it and running next to or in front while the mowing happened.

Downloaded May 2014 180

Downloaded May 2014 189

It was extra helpful.

Downloaded May 2014 204

Downloaded May 2014 205

Good dog.  Take a rest.

Downloaded May 2014 157

We didn’t get the whole acre mowed, but we learned to use the new toy and made a plan to buy a push mower for the smaller parts. Because one just isn’t enough!

Downloaded May 2014 193

In other news, we have new stepping stones across the driveway. Our family loves being barefoot (more about that later), but the gravel driveway is not fun to walk across. So Sam came up with this plan, and we already had a few landscape bricks laying around. Score!

Downloaded May 2014 158Downloaded May 2014 160

Happy feet, happy family.

Downloaded May 2014 104

We don’t actually plan to mow the whole acre. The front portion of the yard isn’t fenced, and will be left to grow into a meadow. Natural habitat and all that. Think wildflowers. Before and after pictures to come!


3 thoughts on “A First Mow and Custom Foot Protection

  1. I think a riding mower was our first purchase after closing also :). Mike didn’t buy one powerful enough to get up our hill and had to return and get a new one ASAP. Our hubbies love their toys :). Yay for land to mow!!

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