Homestead Snapshot – Caterpillar Stew

Year 1 Gardening Goal: Freeze enough greens to be able to eat them once a week, every week, until its time to grow them again in the spring. Having food in the freezer feels so good. Its like money in the bank, but yummier. Scoot on over meat, collards and kale are ready to claim some freezer space.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Hello future dinner!


I meant the frozen collards. Not the caterpillar. The plants were covered in those little guys. I tried to get as many into the compost bag as I could, but many a caterpillar ended up in my sink.


How is one ever to be completely sure they all washed into the sink before making it into the freezer? Well, two happened to float to the top while being boiled. So that helps. But really really sure? I suppose one can’t be. Frozen collard caterpillar stew, anyone?


Happy fall gardening!


5 thoughts on “Homestead Snapshot – Caterpillar Stew

  1. The day will come when we will gladly eat the caterpillars, too. My mouth is in a grimace as I write this. love, Connie

  2. Caterpillars happen. We blanched and froze the last of our broccoli and cauliflower a couple of weeks ago and the cabbage moth worms were everywhere. I’m pretty confident we got the majority of them off, but every last one? Probably not, but I figure it’s still better than the store-bought, pesticide-covered veggies. 😉

  3. Had that trouble with kale one year – and didn’t really realize it until they were bobbing up in the boiling water! Whatever the worms I had were (slightly different from yours) they blended in with the kale stems perfectly. Leaving the kale in the garden until frost the next year worked wonders at insect control. Not sure how frost hardy collards are, but kale will last through snow – and the bugs won’t!

    1. Waiting until frost is great advice! I am excited to see how long the kale last around here. We found the worms in all stages, which was kind of a cool lesson for the little ones. The immature ones were the same color at the kale! The ones I pictured were the largest. Glad to hear we aren’t alone in potential caterpillar ingesting 😉

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