The Year Before

Way back when Summer was born, I didn’t know we were homeschoolers. I did know that when 3 years of age came around, I didn’t plan to sign her up for traditional preschool. “She has her whole life to sit in school.” I remember thinking. “The first five years, we are just going to have adventures.”


Fast forward 4.5 years. It turns out we aren’t ready to stop the adventuring quite yet. Exploring our world is in our blood. We want Summer to have the opportunity to learn, we just want to do it OUR way. (That’s kind of a pattern around here)



I know. I know. She isn’t five yet. Its not officially time to start.  So why the post about homeschooling?

Because its time to get excited.  This is the dreaming year. Its the year that I plan to spend imagining all the awesome stuff we could do together. We are trying out programs and talking to people about what works and doesn’t work for them. We are building a community in which to grow. Laying the groundwork. And part of that groundwork was moving here to establish the homestead. It’s purpose is to serve our family on our journey. And its looking like homeschooling is going to be a big part of that journey.


Fermenting 101. Also known as Helping Mommy In The Kitchen. We believe that learning doesn’t have a beginning and an end, nor does it only happen in classrooms. Its ongoing and everywhere. Its always right here and right now. There is constantly opportunity for growth. For all of us.

Summer already does some super cool stuff. Each season she picks an activity. She has participated in dance and soccer in the past. This fall?



She loves her class! New friends, old friends and a namaste song. Holy cuteness. Check out the studio! Ms. January rocks!

Another staple of our lives is our art group. Its at our house once a week and teacher Katie opens our minds, hearts and creative brains with groovy stories, activities and general artsy, flowy, togetherness. Yeah. It’s as hippie as it sounds.


Katie does beautiful work with our children. And she writes about it.

We also embarked on what we hope turns out to be a lifelong source of joy. Music lessons! With the most awesome teacher in town. Ms Allison not only teaches kids how to rock out, she makes awesome Popsicles too!

Summer is starting with violin and piano. But who knows what she will choose next?!?


The one large group activity we decided to try out this year is what Summer calls ‘Nature Club’ at the Howard County Robinson Nature Center. This is their first year presenting homeschool classes, and we are enjoying them very much! This month was all about life as a Native American.

Learn more about the programs: http://www.

We are so very lucky to live in a community where homeschooling resources abound. There are unlimited programs to attend and groups to join. It gives me confidence that we will be able to tailor our children’s education to fit their individual needs and interests.

So far we are drawn to art, music, nature, and moving our bodies. But I’d say mostly, we just focus on having fun.


I think we’ve got ‘preschool’ about covered!


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