Big Announcement! Weekly Organic Produce Shares! Sign Up Today!


Eat local. Eat seasonal. Eat sustainable.

Here at the homestead we love our food fresh, local and straight from the farm. In the past we have participated in a Community Supported Agriculture program, but it was cost prohibitive for us this year because traditional CSAs require prepayment in full. So, in the spirit of being the change….

Starting this January, we will be sharing our passion for food with others by hosting a produce buying club! Our program is special because we order the fruit and veggies from a produce co-op, which supports family farms in the area, but also allows for week to week payment as opposed to a large deposit. We are hard at work creating the physical space for it and dreaming of all the yummy veggies. Building a community of food lovers is central to our values, and we are excited to have found the path through which to start that part of our journey.

To learn more or sign up, click on “Food Buying Club” at the top of the page. There is a FAQ section with loads of information and a contact form at the bottom where you can let us know that you would like to participate.

Our goal is to participate in the growing movement away from the grocery store and back toward the farm. We look forward to meeting new friends and sharing our passion for veggies and community building with others.

Hope to see you this winter around the homestead!



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