Wintertime and The Livin’ is Easy

Winter has arrived! Summer says it isn’t winter until it snows. She knows about the seasons, you know.


With a last minute trip to San Francisco (which was awesome other than loosing my phone with all my pictures from the trip), and the unseasonably warm weather, it really did feel like fall here in Catonsville up until the solstice.


Now that we have a good snow our brains have switched into hibernation mode. If you are Sam, that means build something in on the kitchen floor with scrap wood from the garage.


If you are Skyler that means carrying around your oversized legos and baby doll in a bag you found hanging around. And helping Daddy, of course.


If you are Summer that means listening to audio books and drawing yourself as a five year old on your Boogie Board. Birthday dreaming is in full swing!


If you are Shelby that means you lay in front of the pellet stove for 48 hours straight. Its not a bad plan, really.


For Cooper, well, life goes on as normal.


If you are Heather, you take pictures of everyone else and try to engrave this day into your brain forever. OK, you also clean up the oversupply of recently acquired christmas toys. And take your first selfie. With said toys. Its a glamorous life.


We have been working so hard on the homestead that a break to relax is so welcome. Not that we actually stayed still for a minute, but we at least stayed inside 🙂 I am excited to record a regular old day here on the homestead because that is what I hope to look back and remember when the kids are grown.

Snack time!


The new year feels like a good time to start new things. So today we wrote down our intentions for 2015. 2014 was a big year for us. 2015 is looking equally awesome! One year down, forever to go.

Our new standing work station/kid climbing apparatus/reading nook. Sam left the middle shelf unfinished once he saw how much fun the kids had playing inside. DIY for life!


I wish you peace in the stillness this winter. And maybe a building project or two. Its important not to let your building skills get rusty over the cold months, you know? Spring always returns!



6 thoughts on “Wintertime and The Livin’ is Easy

  1. Congratulations for recognizing the preciousness of those quiet and active days that are the essence of what you want to remember. And then recording it. We seldom see you in these posts so thanks for the selfie. Remember to do it again. Lots of love,

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