End of Winter Share

Spring is coming! But not for a couple of weeks. 14 more days and counting. Here is the snow to prove it.


Winter is having one last hurrah here in Baltimore! The snow is here and so is the cold. However, the veggies for week 8 of our winter session still managed to arrive on time!


The truck stayed at the end of our long driveway and the men carried all 15 cases up to the house!


Well. To the gate. Then, my hero, Sam quickly carried them inside. Save the veggies!!

Then I spent the morning sorting. Usually we have a separate room for this activity, but when its this cold the space heater can’t keep up. So inside the house we go.


My share!


Here is what each share got this week:
3lbs of sweet potatoes
2lbs of rutabaga
2lbs of carrots
3lbs of onions
1lb of mushrooms
1 bunch pea shoots
1 bunch baby kale
A bit of cilantro

That picture is a bit deceiving.  As the sorter I tend to keep the ‘giant’ or ‘weird’ stuff to myself. I like the challenge! For example others got two, large rutabagas. I got this behemoth. Its more than double the size of each large one!


Same with the carrots. Regular carrot.


Giant carrot.


However, to balance out the roots that have been in the ground since fall, we got some baby kale!


I am so happy that greens are coming back! Over the next weeks we will see the greens offered grow into ‘young’ varieties, then full size.

Pea shoots = Baby peas!!


But enough about Spring. Here in winterville, we are still braving the cold. A few friends banded together and recruited the bravest and strongest among them to suffer the consequences of the snow and obtain the vegetables from their farm shares. Here they are tracking through the tundra that is my driveway. All. The. Way. Back. To. The. Car.


I feel so fortunate to know such brave souls. You are an example to us all!

Back to veggies. The more interesting variety that we tried out this week is celeriac, or celery root.


See what I mean? I plan to peel, dice, and throw these big boys in the crock pot with leftover beets from last weeks share and two rib steaks. Hello dinner.

Aaaand cilantro is in the house! Its my favorite. I hope mine actually makes it into a dish this week. I could just eat it right from the baggie.


A big thanks goes out to all those that are hanging in there through the snow! We have so much to look forward to with warm weather on its way! Spring Session is right around the corner!


We are ready when you are, Spring!


One thought on “End of Winter Share

  1. Thanks so much for a look of the snow, healthy eats and your enthusiasm. I am looking forward to the bonfire! Love, Me

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