From Spring to Summer

This is an update, that is well, really late. As I prepare to take note of all the changes happening around here this fall I realized that I never finished the Spring Update. Well, that’s how it goes when you have a ‘living outside’ addiction. When the weather is warm you spend all your time…OUTSIDE and not on the computer! But I hate this to go to waste, so here you go. An old-unfinished-update post.

Summer is on the brink here on the homestead and we have so much going on! New plants, new chickens and new ideas have us bursting at the seams. Its a great time of year!

Our spring has been busy! Between planting the garden, building chicken tractors and soaking up the sun we haven’t taken much time to relax. Well, its time. The getting the season started chores are coming to a close and the maintenance chores begin. Weeding, watering, weeding, chicken feeding, weeding, watching the garden grow. You know, the important things in life.

I must admit that I have a major problem with the word ‘weed’. All it means is a plant growing where you didn’t intend it to. But all plants have names. And all plants evolved to thrive in whatever environment they landed in. So when the unintended, unwanted plants grow in the garden, I try to pull them as politely as possible, and throw them into the compost bin explaining that although they were not invited to stay in the garden, they are welcome to live on in the compost, which will one fine day make it back to the garden as new soil. So there, that’s your destiny tiny (or gigantic) weed. Thanks for visiting. Then there are the unintended plants that others may consider weeds, but we choose to enjoy. Lambs Quarters. I leave it, because I know it’s value. It’s good stuff! You don’t like it in your garden? Cool. Pull it. Me, I welcome the surprise friend for as long as it stays with us.

Brrrr. How is it that 60 degrees feels chilly after a winter of bone chilling cold? Well, when your bones expect 80 degrees, I guess 60 is harder to take. Not that I am complaining. This cold week has given us a break and some much needed indoor time. Putting away the winter boots is not a bad way to spend a spring afternoon. I’ll take it over taking them out any day.

The chilly nights have put a cramp in our big sleeping plans. This summer I have the goal of sleeping outside most nights. If I could camp in the woods all summer, I’d be there in a heartbeat. I don’t have woods, but my backyard is a fantastic second best. We even have a couple of trees! I’d like to make a more permanent tenting spot, but some re-organizing needs to be taken care of out back before that can happen. It also needs to warm up! When my bed is waiting inside I choose it when the temps are going to drop below 60 overnight. I know, such a wimp!

Big things to come this year. My mantra for this year is “live your ideals.” For us that means treading lightly. And we have lots of ideas. Its FLOWER TIME!!!

Stay tuned!


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