The Homestead Family

Mama Bear
Heather has the vision. She loves dreaming of sustainability and food and most importantly fun. Psyched to be learning about all things gardening, homeschooling and getting her kids dirty on a daily basis. Changing her food has changed her life and she is convinced that changing how we eat will change the world. She can stretch a buck like no other and isn’t afraid to do things a little differently if it is whats good for her family. She is a floor sitting, barefoot walking, kale eating, pursuer of peace. On the good days 🙂

Daddy Bear
Sam is the man that never stops. He is always up for a project and can’t seem to ever do anything by the book. Which doesn’t mean he isn’t thorough. If you want to build something sturdy, he’s your guy. Just be prepared for his design to be just creative enough to make you smile. An arborist at heart, Sam loves all his plants to be native and a little on the wild side. Even if it means feeding the wildlife a bit. Sam dreams of sailing and hiking and spending forever in his ‘workshop’. He is always coming up with something new!


Sister Bear
Summer is 5 and loves life like no other. She is constantly singing, dancing, and loving on her family. This mini-mama can’t help but tend her pets and little brother through life. She is quite organized and saves all her drawings by keeping them in a special binder. As soon as Sky picked up a crayon she was ready to encourage him in the joys of scribbling, and to save each one of his masterpieces too.

Brother Bear
Skyler was born in the water and is forever ready for a swim. He took his time to be born, to crawl, and to do just about everything else. His mama appreciates his cautious nature to no end. His favorite activity, other than bathing, is playing/pretending outside with Sister Bear while Mama Bear works in the garden. The highlight of his day is when Daddy Bear comes home and everyone is together. Who can blame him? He’s got one awesome family!



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